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    First PADI Recreational Backmount Doubles Certification Issued

    If I am diving doubles there would also be a deco tank with me, also usually an O2 tank for clean up.
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    First PADI Recreational Backmount Doubles Certification Issued

    I have always found it amusing that the people that hated the idea of independent doubles are the same people that love sidemount
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    Are there any springs to dive in East TX?

    There are springs but no access
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    Nitrox shortage????

    I would think most people use Aviator Breathing Oxygen (ABO) good for human consumption but no prescription issues.
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    Is it time to kill DSDs and go back to the drawing board?

    Since I got started in the scuba biz we as owners do free DSD's in the pool for people that are interested. We achieve about an 80% conversion over to open water diver. The store owners do most of the DSD's
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    New regulator recommendations

    Just to throw a different opinion I prefer the Aqualung Legend LX
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    New to Houston, looking for dive buddies

    Welcome from Houston, I would suggest that you look at CHUN Club on the top of this page. They have monthly meetings in the Chimney Rock Area.
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    Total newbie

    You have been warned about the danger so I will give you a couple of warnings about home built hookah. First one thing you didn't mention in your first post was filtration. I recommend two filters and would recommend calling a refutable filter company for their recommendations. Second most scuba...
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    IDC Choices: 2 Week vs 12 Month Internship

    As an old store owner whenever we have gotten a new instructor we start by putting him with a trusted instructor so that we can have an independent assessment.
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    Places to dive near Houston

    Around Houston You have The Blu Lagoon as referenced above. Lake Longhorn just south of Houston and Mammoth Lake again south of town. Of the three Mammoth is the largest with the most things to see. There is good diving in the gulf but you would need to call the local shops to see if anyone has...
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    Changes that Senior divers make?

    As I have gotten older the first thing I stopped using was my drysuit. I try to dive nitrox on every dive. For the most part limit my dives to no deco dives.
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    Novice Diver - What should happen before underwater hunting?

    Get familiar with game laws, in Texas the laws are different between state waters and federal waters. In some cases you can catch a legal fish on hook and line that wouldn't be legal if taken by spear.
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    Review of Airline R260XL petrel Hookah

    I have never used that model but if the compressor is rated for at least 20 meters/66 feet it should supply enough air.
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    Are there people who just CANNOT dive?

    I have had 1 student that took 5 classes to get to the point where I was comfortable enough to take to open water. The breakthrough came when we did a pool session with no skills. We started in full gear swimming around the pool on the surface then just off of the bottom in the shallow end of...
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    Scuba on a budget

    The chemical that you are wondering about is evaporated oil. The heat generated by compression can cause evaporation from the lubricating oil.
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