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    Eight months is not long to build up experience for "difficult" dives. Focus on getting certified and having fun throughout the process, enjoy some diving in the next few months, maybe take an advanced class and shoot for easier dives in Malta. They will be fun. You can always go back in a few...
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    Apeks HP Seat failure: rumor or fact?

    I service tons of XTX50s and XTX 200s over last 10 years (well over 100 per year). No significant issues i can think of except: A) one group of users who think they can adjust the IP by turning the balance plug under pressure. Of course this destroys the seat. Operator error, not a seat...
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    Aquaprop lithium charger

    I think i am starting to understand what to look for. Looking for an all-in-one unit if possible, will either of these work? Cheers
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    Aquaprop lithium charger

    So can you recommend a better option (other than the stock charger which is 3x the price)? Thanks.
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    Aquaprop lithium charger

    I am looking for an aftermarket charger for a lithium battery for an Aquaprop (here's the spec for the stock Type 3240 charger which got damaged). Afriend recommended this Sky RC charger which looks good but i want to verify it will work well before i risk damage. Thanks.
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    German tanks in US….DOT cert

    They did the same thing with French kissing ...
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    Yellowstone in May, Scored FREE Exit Row Seats on United

    Sounds like fun. Nothing to add except invest in a small backpacking stove and an Aeropress. Best coffee i have ever made and very portable.
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    Asymmetrical Ear Canals -- what to be aware of?

    Everyone is different but i don't think there is any inherent issue with some asymmetry. I had surgery a year ago that caused one of my ear canals to basically collapse. The surgeon said i might have trouble equalizing but it hasn't been a problem, knock on wood. I will probably get some...
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    2022 Dive Goals?

    Spend more time at San Clemente Island. All the Channel Islands are beautiful diving but San Clemente is magical.
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    My first deep dive

    I have experienced two different kinds of narc. First is the happy "it's all good man" well-being narc. It's dfficult to process information and i have poor recollection of the dive afterward. Second is what i have heard of as "dark narc." Paranoid, intense unease, very unpleasant. I don't...
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    Certification is costly

    Sounds like things have changed since your opening post when you said: "Not knowing the total cost of pool sessions and the length time it will take is disturbing. It’s like throwing money to the wind not knowing where it will land. Other than this I have no complaints." Regardless, it's good...
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    Scubapro MK25 evo + A700

    MK25 is a high performance work horse (usually a contradiction but it fits the bill). The thing to watch on the A700 is the adjustment screw can get jammed up with silt really easily. The adjustment assembly contains a plastic screw with fine threads inside a metal sleeve. It's a pain to...
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    Apeks XTX 200 IP issues

    Have seen cases where users think the hex head top cap is for adjusting the IP and turn it under pressure. Creates a nice groove in the seat and IP creep. Not saying it was the case in this instance.
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    Is a Computer essential kit?

    No you can do the dives with tables, depth guage and a depth rated watch. A computer will give you longer bottom times by crediting time spent shallower than max depth, but not necessary.
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