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    Exploring Downeast Maine

    I wanted to give this thread a reboot. I am in the Machias area and looking to connect with some folks in this area. I have zero idea for good dive sites or even where to get an air fill up here.
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    GLWC Fall 2016 Meet and Greet!

    Hey Bonetoggler is a spring meet and greet lined up for 2017 yet?
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    Getting certified Stuart-Pompano

    Check out Boynton Beach Dive Center. They are an SSI shop. Besides having some good instructors one of the nice things about their shop is the ease to diving off the charters located at the Boynton Marina. The Boynton reefs are amazing.
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    Two weeks in Florida in August

    The best ocean diving in Florida is from Jupiter to Ft Lauderdale. Skip Naples. Spend a day or two looking for smalls at the Blue Heron Bridge and spend a few days drifting on the reefs off West Palm and Boynton Beach.
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    Government Shutdown and Wrecks

    The Fitz is being watched by the Canadians. ---------- Post added October 2nd, 2013 at 06:28 AM ---------- And about the wrecks, if they are shut down no one is watching. Just swim around the yellow "do not enter" tape :-)
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    Detroit area Instruction

    pm sent
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    Finding Buddies? (Michigan)

    Hey all welcome to the great world of diving. I will be down in Gilboa this upcoming weekend--Sept 14-15 teaching a class. There will be a few folks just diving. You are welcome to come down and dive with us. Just stop by the green vw micro bus and introduce yourself. Take care, jamie aka...
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    Checotah #'s

    Good to know. Thanks. Bonecrusher should have good numbers for the Checotah. Bruno's definitely has good numbers. We have placed the line on her in the past.
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    Checotah #'s

    Side question--Is there currently a mooring line on the New York?
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    Only two weeks away! DAN BBQ at Portage.

    I had a great day diving at Portage. Viz was spotty in places but for the most part it was 15 feet. Water temp was 69 above thermo and drop to mid 50's at 20 feet. If I am in the region I will try to make it down for this event. Take care, Bus
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    Scuba CANUSA--July 13th

    Hello all. We are getting together with our canadian diver brothers and sisters in Port Lambton, Ontario next week. Port Lambton sits on the St. Clair River separating Michigan and Canada just north of the city of Detroit. Diving the St Clair River is quite popular with one of the most popular...
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    Anyone had experience with Horizon Divers in Key Largo?

    If you can get on their small boat then go for it. Other wise their cat is just like the other big dive ops in the Keys, busy, "be in the water at this time out at this time." Horizon is the only dive op I have ever refused to tip--world wide. If you can try to dive one of the smaller ops or...
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    Big Pine Key/ looe key diving

    Avoid strikezone. Divemaster on the boat required us to surface half way between our dives and signal the boat. Awful experience.
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    After practicing all winter I finally did my first dives on the Great Lakes (pics)

    Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Who did you dive with?
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    First Ocean dives!!

    $5 a tank.
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