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    Yelled at for MOF

    My brows are big enough to hold my mask , i always mof
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    Rebreather diver dies in 6 feet of water - Cyprus

    You do trust same things as well, computer gives your ndl, your instructor certified you and so on Rebreather is more complex but it not necessarily more dangerous, on 200-300' dive rebreather is safer to me than oc, shallow dives oc is Po2 drops quick on ascend and harder to maintain it in...
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    FL keys lobster/diving/spearing gps numbers

    What about girls in bikini phone number?
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    Ccr Normoxic Class Review with Georgia Hausserman

    He was on kiss classic
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    Fusion Drysuit fit (Bullet/Tech skin)

    Im 5'10 210lb now, i got both sizes l/xl and 2xl/3xl I didn't fit comfortably in my l/xl when i was 195-200lb with 200g undies, movement was very restricted, got next size up and everything is great again, skin does its job and keeps everything compressed the way it should
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    Hello from Houston - Key Largo diving tips needed

    Rainbow reef runs good operation, been out with them many times
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    NAUI versus PADI

    Good instructor is more important than an agency
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    Tech classes near Southern Pines,NC?

    She got 2 first names?? Ricky Bobby!
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    Drive a Subaru? Vote for the Scuba Icon

    They never gave me any badges
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    For Sale Atomic SS1 Stainless - Brand new in box - never used

    I guess they increased msrp this year, still $255 at my lds
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    For Sale Atomic SS1 Stainless - Brand new in box - never used

    You know they retail for $255 right?
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    New diver in MD!!

    Congrats on getting certified!
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    Switching to Air 2

    Where are you located?
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    Shark Bites Spearo: Video

    Forgot to mention why didn't he drop that fish he had?
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