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    Shore diving in Mahahual

    Seemed like a long way. I like to shore dive. Even in 10-15 feet. Please post on what you find when you are there.
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    Doesn't work that way for everybody. Certainly doesn't for me. And when I get really sick the only relief I get is to lay down and close my eyes.
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    Shore diving in Mahahual

    I don't think you will find decent shore diving in Mahahual. Everywhere I looked there it was very shallow for a long way out.
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    Holbox diving

    As soon as you turn the corner to the left at Cancun the ocean is different. There is a point we have gone to way up north from Cancun where locals go to swim. The sandy point extends way out into the sea. On the east side is the blue clear Caribbean. On the west side is the brown cloudy gulf...
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    Proper buoyancy with no lead

    Which means you are going to get light at the end of the dive when you have used up that heavy air.
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    Things you are (almost but not really) ashamed of doing while diving

    Possible heat source along with nitrox as a suit inflation gas.
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    Purge valve masks?

    Loosen the strap. Doesn't have to be that tight.
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    shore diving in cozumel without being a resort guest

    You have to find your own tanks and weights, but we enjoy diving Playa Corona. Meridiano on 30th I believe used to rent us tanks but now we get them from Stathis across from the Casa Mission entrance. Weights are harder to come by than tanks but we have slowly hauled down our own.
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    Purge valve masks?

    You will find nothing but hate here for purge valve masks but my wife and I have used Tusa Imprex Hyperdry masks for many years and want nothing else. Of course I also dive split fins and use a Spare Air. Hasn't killed me yet!
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    Scooter Rental-LONG term

    Guess who has a van to use when we are there on this basis?
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    Seeking pressure chamber recommendations

    Get a transparent water filter housing. Add fittings and gauge, fill with water, insert computer and use a little air to bring it to pressure.
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    Ever wonder why your carry on gets searched

    I did that once leaving Mexico, but with a fillet knife. The Mexican TSA people kept watching me like I might attack them.
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    Ever wonder why your carry on gets searched

    I once got pulled out and asked what was in the very bottom of my carry on. I just couldn't think what was triggering them. Turns out it was my snorkel.
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    Alternative to pseudoephedrine?

    I took pseudoephedrine most days for 35 or more years until it became harder to get. I still do not dive without it. I use a nasal rinse, Flonase and antihistimines every day. I use nasal strips to sleep and if they are not adequate I use nasal decongestant spray (Afrin). All these things help...
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