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    Antihistamines, Decongestants and Diving

    I have pretty bad allergies and when diving locally (summer allergies bad) or in the tropics I have to have the drugs. out. Based on recommendation by my ENT (prior to starting diving), I take Nasalcrom to calm down the sinuses , Opcon-A eye drops which provide great relief from itchy eyes and...
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    Convert old (1994 vintage) UK lights to LED?

    Having built 4 LED lights so far, I would think if you stay in the 10w range with a decent aluminum heat sink inside. I think 1/4-3/8" aluminum disk the diameter of the housing you should be OK. This would give you 3 cree Q5 or equivalent . Run in series with 1A . More and you are likely going...
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    Nags Head Area Dive Shops?

    Head south to Hatteras. Look up Outer Banks Diving Call ahead and Amy will let you know what kind of group is signed up for the days you are interested in. Their boat holds over 20 divers and is quite comfortable. I have been on the Proteus and the Dixie Arrow with them. Great dives and lots of...
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    Decompression software for Android

    The iPhone was a company phone and had to get turned in when we changed phone plans (moved from company provided to personal - expensed). So now I am looking for deocsoftware for my Sprint EVO
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    Decompression software for Android

    I just switched phones to a HTC/Sprint EVO. There is one app I really miss form my iphone and it is ideco pro What alternatives are there for android phones? I would like buhlman calcs to match my Shearwater pursuit.
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    Technical Diving & Insurance

    DAN and an all perils / replacement cost rider on my homeowners policy for dive gear and camera equipment. I had great assistance form Wisconsin Mutual. Flooded my camera (Nikon D200 + new 60mm) on a trip to Wakatobi last fall. They had the replacement check in my hands in less than a week...
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    DEPP Insurance- Do they still exist?

    Sad to hear. If they won't talk to you now, what about when you NEED them. Conversely I had the opposite experience with Wisconsin Mutual. My camera and housing were covered as a rider on my home-owners policy. Flooded the camera in Wakatobi (D200, Ikelite housing and 60 mm macro) . They had...
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    Suunto Cobra Temperature Sensor

    I wonder if it is off in its readings or merely slow to respond. I have a cobra, (actually now my wife's) and it is VERY slow to respond to temperature changes. It takes minutes to register the change from passing through a thermocline. Check it out in air va a known good thermometer. Then dump...
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    LED Ring light

    Well it survived the first dive. 85 foot max depth tonight. It puts out an amazing amount of light. The "area light" of the ring light complements the spot of the canister light well. I used a flash as supplement, but it would not have been necessary. First shots at: Mark Bronkalla's...
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    LED Ring light

    Conceptually pretty simple. It is 2 rings - one aluminum and one acrylic. The electronics are glued down to the aluminum ring with silicone heat sink adhesive (from DX). The outer edge was cut on a metal cutting band saw. I drilled a hole in the table as a pivot point for each piece and cut them...
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    LED Ring light

    I just completed my LED ring light. 6 CRE XR-E leds. 2 strings of 3 LEDsm driven at 1 amp each. Current regulator is 2 7135 boards (3 chips each from Deal Extreme) It fits an Ikelite housing and macro port. First dive tomorrow night with it in Lake Michigan. Mark Bronkalla's Photos | Facebook
  12. First rel macro shots

    First rel macro shots

    LED Ring Light
  13. Mounting of the light

    Mounting of the light

    Bungie cord retainers for the light.
  14. Finished ring light onthe camera housing

    Finished ring light onthe camera housing

    Front shot. Ikelite housing for D200 and 60mm macro lens
  15. Backer ring with LED and regulator

    Backer ring with LED and regulator

    1/4" aluminum backer. This shows one of the 6 LEDs and one of the 2 regulators glued down. Larger hole onthe right is for the cable gland
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