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    Last dive in 2021: Rhine river, Germany

    Nice video. I like your choice of music. So many times I do not like the music people use with diving videos. And I enjoyed getting to see what was underneath the surface of a river I’ve visited.
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    Cayman Aggressor: When does it become too much?

    Very interesting to read this. We went on the CA IV in 2011. It was our first trip to the Caymans and we were very excited to go to LC. Well of course we didn’t get to make the crossing to LC and I was very underwhelmed with the diving on Grand Cayman. For many years I equated all diving on GC...
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    Trip Report Roatan Aggressor - Nov. 27 to Dec. 4, 2021

    Great photos. I especially like the close up of the tunicate.
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    Show me your Selfie!

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    Trip Report Trip Report: Tres Pelicanos in Decemeber

    It‘s interesting the different perspectives people have on things. I actually prefer to not hang out on the surface and do so only if the DM says it’s a must. Also I like to gear up almost completely before we get close to the dive site so that I’m not in a rush getting ready. When I see the DM...
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    Trip Report Trip Report: Tres Pelicanos in Decemeber

    Spirit is off my radar when booking flights. I refuse to use them again. Their customer service was non existent way before Covid times. They would not answer phone calls nor would they return calls. At least have the decency to acknowledge me.
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    National Geographic - The Rescue

    I’d like to know if anyone hears of this streaming on something besides Disney Plus. Looking forward to seeing it.
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    Bonaire trip - some where else comparable?

    Why do you prefer Curaçao? I’ve been to Bonaire but not to Curaçao so I always like to hear the comparisons of the two. I need to see if I’m missing out on something.
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    Fiji Airways Baggage Allowances

    I had a flight once where I was told the reg was not allowed in carryon so I had no choice but to wrap it up really good and put it in the checked bag, in between a lot of clothing. All went well and it survived 3 flights on the way and 3 on the way back home. I too was only allowed 15 lbs for...
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    Both Ferry Companies Running Daily

    Looks like both Winjet and Ultramar are running daily now. Great.
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    El Moro needs help

    I couldn’t tell if on Horn’s post he was being sarcastic or not. I kept hoping he was actually part of the group or had joined in.
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    Casa Mexicana Breakfast Question

    This would be my guess. Since Delta isn’t flying into Cozumel any longer then they wouldn’t have associated hotels there. Do you see other Cozumel hotels still listed?
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    Trip Report Tiger Beach October 2021

    Oh wow, that would have scared the crap out of me.
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    Help! Big Ooops on Roatan

    @boulderjohn it looks like you might have a Facebook account. Join the Cocoview Divers group and ask there. They are a very active group and may be able to help you locate something on the island.
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    Trip Report Tiger Beach October 2021

    Wow that first video was awesome. I’m pretty sure I‘ve never watched 19+ minutes of anyone’s else’s video before I got bored and quit. The music was great. And Finch and Ryan certainly earned their tips. Several times I said out loud “he is crazy” while sitting here by myself. Thanks for sharing...
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