diving since 80's - go to youtube and type in regina phillip i have videos i shot on USS Hoyt Vandenburg and more nothing special i have full set gear well over 3 grand for sell in classifieds for like $2000 excellent condition EVO/A700 MK25 all gear with underwater camera and housing ect - well at least i think its posted in there :)
Apr 20, 1961 (Age: 60)
Lake Tappawingo, MO.
Certification Agencies
Military 1982 and PADI
Dive History
Diving since 1982 all over world, starting with U.S. Navy.
Certification History
Military trained 1980 San Diego then Iran Crisis, Puget Sound, Bremington, WA. search rescue, salvage, demolition, then recertified along side my retired SWAT girl friend to accompany her on new adventures Advanced Open. Nitrox.
Certification Level
Advanced open - nitrox -
# of dives
I just don't log dives
Dive Classification
Experienced Diver
Years Certified
Ten Or More Years
Dive Equipment
Depth. 160 - Nitrox - gear Evo/A700 MK25 - Cressi Octy - Reef Rider - HD mask - also have 1 piece telecom masks and more
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