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    I think we found the best shore dive in Coz

    Jeremiah just asked that we pay for his tank and a rental BC I think, I realized that it was a pretty good deal, and he was mostly looking for a good tip, so I think we paid him 50 bucks and the other couple that dove with us gave him ten for tip. Well worth it - he showed us lots of cool stuff...
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    Playa Corona Dive Shop

    Let us know if you get though, Cobra. I would like to dive their again this spring. The only name I remember was Jeremiah, the young, on-site DM. They didn't have readily stocked tanks, but they had snorkeling gear, weights, and some rental equipment - not sure how good it was though - we had...
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    'Abnormally friendly’ Critters?

    hilarious:D!! to the tune of "if your happy and you know it . . ." - If you're wrapped by a moray, crap your pants!
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    I think we found the best shore dive in Coz

    Just like I said, cavernous overhang - nothing even near a cavern - six feet deepest and open entire 12 to 15 feet in length - I could see the back and would have swam in, but I didn't want my wife to freak out - not for being in it, but for risk of touching the top with my tank. Yes, just...
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    I think we found the best shore dive in Coz

    More Pics of Playa Corona Shore dive Key point Okie Mike - ". . . for a cozumel shore dive". I had scoured this subforum for years looking for a decent shore dive in Coz, and most people say that they are good for simply getting wet, checking gear, and maybe night dives, so I was surprised by...
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    I think we found the best shore dive in Coz

    Sorry for not telling you all about this earlier, cuz it seems either a secret (most resorts and shops know about this place, but won't make money telling people about it), or maybe folks just don't know about it (or both). Anyway, my wife and I have shore dived plenty in Coz, just not in...
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    Looking for advice

    You and my sweet wife are both correct. Our resort, Fiesta Americana (1st AI resort north of Chankannaab park), is one of the only areas in Coz in which there is a giant, constant-never-changing eddy in which the current near shore is actually running North to South. Current near the wall is...
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    Dive House

    I had no problems with Dive house - they had AL100's for me when I needed, and second tank with Nitrox. No limit on bottom time, and we were often waiting on the boat for the divers that had gills to come up after about an hour. That added more SI time for the rest of us, but I didn't mind...
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    Cozumel Fiesta Americana / Dive House Trip Report

    I just returned from nine nights at FA and did several dives with DH (my wife doesn't dive so I make time for her with shore dives with her, some just snorkeling with her - which was great BTW, right in front - took a taxi up to Money Bar and drift down to FA ). So as not to repeat all the...
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    Cozumel HD Video

    That is one of the best videos I've seen in a long time - mostly because of the perfect color balance. Did you manual white balance, or did you use Magic Filters or something like that? Seems that the contrast and color saturation was spiked a bit too - which is fine by me. You...
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    Charters Out of Ohio

    Sorry its an old thread, but I just saw it now. I've dove with the Holiday several times - well worth it. Aqua Specialists out of Rocky River always arranged "dusk dives" every year in August and some of September for every Wednesday evening. Good deal for fifty bucks, as you get one tank...
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    Ultimate Diver Challenge TV Show

    Sure, I see your point - well taken. But sometimes you have to use hyperbole to get the point across. I just finished watching the final episode crowning Ed Fink as the "Ultimate Diver". I think that the editing was pretty good, intermixing lots of UW footage of the challenges in with the...
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    Snorkeling sites for my non-diving family

    Thanks, Cocopo, for posting those pics of the shore area between Fiesta Americana and Presidente. I've been searching for shore dive info for months now, and your post is the only one where I actually SAW what the shore diving is like, and I liked it - doesn't take much to make me happy...
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    Ultimate Diver Challenge TV Show

    Sure, I can agree with you that the show is a little lacking in some of the points you bring up, but what scuba shows have YOU produced? I was a little shocked that my search function on my remote even found a show at all about diving. I applaud anyone who can capitalize on such obviously...
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    Mythbuster testing "James Bond Tux in a Drysuit" myth...

    Great Line, as Arnold was under the truth serum.
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