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    Mac is back

    I was on Celebrity Apex in November, and it appears as if (likely due to lower sailing capacities) the cruise lines have all pretty much canceled diving excursions. It does seem like RCL is still offering limited excursions off ships with on-board PADI-shops, but for the most part you'll need to...
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    Aruba,Bonaire and Curacao dive operators and sites suggestions

    I dived with Jeffrey at Happy Diver's off a cruise ship as well. Not the most personable fellow, but the dives were great, and I loved that he took a bunch of pictures and sent them at no extra charge. I'd have no issues going with him again, either. On that same trip, I used VIP in Bonaire. A...
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    How to minimize danglies

    I've just completed a week of diving with a new Xdeep Zen BP/W and a DSMB with finger spool. I had the sausage and spool each clipped to the d-ring on the hip weight pocket. It was fine for the spool (bolt-snap), but the DSMB has a plastic swivel clip and that was not easy to unclip at depth. I...
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    Stealth Travel Bag

    I use the exact same Eagle Creek as my gear bag. Lots of room inside and manages a 1 week+ trip easily. I especially like the integrated back pack straps, since it's not entirely stable wheeling through the airport.
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    Belize City by cruiseship, any shop recommendations?

    I was fortunately able to find two other divers on my ship through the Roll Call on Cruise Critic. We did end up booking with Sea Sports Belize, which is the only dive shop I could find in Belize City, and since the three of us are coming off the ship, they'll wait for us. It is costing an extra...
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    Trip Report First Time to Bonaire & Buddy Dive

    Thanks for the replies, guys. That's what I expected. When I was last in Bonaire with VIP (great experience, BTW), our first dive was a simple "out and back" but our second was at the awesome Red Slave, which was in hindsight probably a much more advanced dive than I should have done given the...
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    Trip Report First Time to Bonaire & Buddy Dive

    I'm seriously considering a trip to Buddy Dive in February through my LDS. I did a two-tank dive in Bonaire with VIP Diving off a cruise ship in Dec 2019, and would love to get back there for an intensive week of diving. I do note that the package at Buddy's included the 6 boat dives (which I...
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    Belize City by cruiseship, any shop recommendations?

    I've got a cruise coming up in mid-November, with a scheduled stop in Belize City. I had booked a two-tank excursion through the cruiseline (being a tender port, I was sensitive to the potential timing issues), but that excursion just got cancelled today. There don't seem to be any shops in...
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    Xdeep shipping -- anyone with insight?

    UPDATE: I gave up on waiting, and called around every dive shop in Ontario. I found what I believe to be the last in-stock unit at a shop about 1.5 hours away, so I just drove out there and picked it up today. It is the Deluxe rather than Standard version, but that's probably better as I'm not...
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    broken link to forum from home page

    Just thought I'd letcha know... when you click the Community tab from the homepage, it returns a 404 error. It should link direct to the boards (at least, I think it *used* to...).
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    Xdeep shipping -- anyone with insight?

    I ordered an Xdeep Zen from my LDS two months ago today. It still hasn't arrived. I understand supply chain challenges are an issue globally; I work in the computer business, and we have been at less than 50% of our forecasts for most of the year. But two months? That seems a bit long to me...
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    How do cruises work? For divers..

    I don't have much to add to the excellent advise already posted in this thread (so why am I typing right now?), but I will share my experiences/thoughts. We are seasoned cruisers, but I'm a relatively new diver. While I had always dreamed of diving, my first couple experiences came as cruise...
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    Cruising into Cozumel and Costa Maya

    Hola! I'm thrilled to be posting back here! I was last in the water in Cozumel (stayed at Iberostar, dove with Dressel) in February 2020 just before the world went to hell. Today, I booked a cruise for November, stopping in Cozumel, Costa Maya, Grand Cayman and Belize. I'll definitely be diving...
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    Getting AOW in cozumel

    Agreed 100%. I went into it with exactly that expectation, and was completely satisfied with the end result.
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    Getting AOW in cozumel

    Not quite... the $140 got me the online PADI course materials and Knowledge Reviews, and review with the DM prior to the requisite "adventure dives." The actual dives were, naturally, at the standard 2-tank dive cost. I guess I wasn't entirely clear above. The point I was trying to make is that...
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