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    San Pedro Resort Recomendations

    Looking to go to San Pedro for the first time, I have a few questions. 1. How do you get from BZE to your resort and what is the typical charge? 2. How do you get from the resort back to the airport and what is the usual fee? 3. Recommendations for a resort that is on the Beach Is there any...
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    The cruise ships are back !

    Wow that's plenty
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    The cruise ships are back !

    How many cruise ships have been arriving in Coz so far in a typical week?
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    Help with planning a Coz dive trip

    My Thoughts: We have stayed at Cozumel Hotel & Resort and we do AI option it only ads about $75 a week. Before anyone says anything I agree the evening meal is terrible, but the breakfast is wonderful, and its nice to be able to get a burger, taco or nachos after the morning dives + it...
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    Changes that Senior divers make?

    I'm 62 and a cancer survivor, I don't do any strenuous dives any more. I am an Ice certified PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. I'm not interested in teaching anymore. I enjoy diving but limit it to easy dives in warm water. Usually boat dives, but I will shore dive if the entry is not...
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    Is Cozumel cheap?

    Cheap is not the right word. For us Cozumel is very affordable and for us a great place to get away from winter. Probably not the worlds best diving or topside activities. But a very nice place for us, with non-stop flights from Minneapolis. (note we are from northern Iowa 3 hours from the...
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    Dive Ops That Will Pick Up at Iberostar?

    Check with Deep Blue Cozumel they are a quality dive shop.
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    Best all inclusive for group with divers and non-divers

    We like Hotel Cozumel, walking distance to town not really much of beach though. Biggest pool on the island plus daily activities. I like Deep Blue for quality dive shop.
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    Wyndham as a Dive Operator?

    I like pool view 3rd floor rooms
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    Wyndham as a Dive Operator?

    Yes they pick up at the hotel pier
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    Wyndham as a Dive Operator?

    Cozumel Hotel & Resort is the only Wyndham property that I know of. When we were there in February the dive shop on site was Dive Paradise, a large slow boat operation. We dove with Deep Blue Deep Blue dive shop, scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico our favorite Dive shop on the island.
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    Scuba Club Alternatives

    Another Vote Hotel Cozumel and resort.
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    Where to stay and who to dive/get certified with?

    My 1st choice would always be to get certified at home. Good instructors in the states will spend all the time you need with you in the pool. Don't waste your vacation time studying. At the very least do your classroom and pool training at home. Then on vacation all you have to do is your...
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    New cruise boat pier

    Is there any cruise ship piers over at Playa? The mainland could support the load better imo.
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    Do any All Inclusive / AI Resorts have included / unlimited diving?

    That's a Bonaire thing for the most part.
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