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    I Got a Hall Pass!!!

    I know you said no AI's but friends just booked 7 nights at the Allegro including 12 dives each for only $600. Can't beat that. It's almost like paying for the dives and getting the resort + food + alcohol for free. It's not close to town but it could just be a dive vacation.
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    Scuba Club in December

    I don't know about December but they can be sold out in January with the special they offer that month. I believe the booking only requires a $100 deposit so check with them directly. Betty
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    Scubaclub Cozumel

    Our first trip to SCC arrived on a Saturday night about 10pm. Got there just in time for dinner. Checked in when the dive shop opened on Sunday morning and they wanted us to do the Sunday boat dive but we said no we wanted to do some shore dives first. I also took the Buoyancy course and it...
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    REPORT: Scubaboard for Carnaval Dinner 2015

    Thanks Chief for another fun night. (And thanks to your lovely wife who brought me more Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice OREO cookies)
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    Scubaclub Cozumel

    I stayed at Scuba Club 5x in 2 years before moving here. I love SCC and the main tip here is to bring a small lock for the locker like Jim Lyle said.
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    Summertime in Cozumel

    If you come in August you can also do a day trip to Isla Mujeres to swim with the whale sharks.
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    Who's in for February?

    Is Alison and/or Carlos coming to dinner?
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    Any divers out there from Vancouver BC willing to escort a dog to his forever home???

    I will ask. When are you flying home? Betty ---------- Post added February 6th, 2015 at 10:46 AM ---------- Hola Ken. I ask and yes it is too far; however there is a fantastic rescue in Calgary that will take dogs. Are you willing to take one? Or two? Can I please get details of your...
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    Any divers out there from Vancouver BC willing to escort a dog to his forever home???

    Chucho has been adopted but we at the Cozumel Humane Society are looking for a ride for him to Vancouver BC!!!!! Need an escort leaving from either Cozumel or Cancun. Adopter is willing to drive to any of these airports too: Abbotsford International Airport, or if we had to Kelowna...
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    NEED HELP from anyone flying Westjet to Toronto this Sat Feb 7th

    OK thanks for the advice. I usually add their pictures but was in a hurry since the original escort fell through just today. I will make sure next time I add more details. I will be posting here on a regular basis on behalf of the Cozumel Humane Society so you'll get to know me. :) Betty
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    NEED HELP from anyone flying Westjet to Toronto this Sat Feb 7th

    PLEASE HELP!!!!! We need an escort to Toronto! We are looking for a person to help Angeline's and Mole get to Toronto preferably for this Saturday February 7th on West Jet Airlines out of Cozumel. Please share, every thing is set to go for them in Toronto (as as the original escort fell...
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    Anyone flying from CZM to Cincinnatti, Dayton, Cleveland,burgh or Indianapolis???

    Thanks to diver Andy for helping us get Donna to her forever home this Friday. Betty
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    Who's in for February?

    Gonna miss you Judy. I sat next to you last year (my first Feb SB dinner) and you are fun. Betty
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    Hire a private DM?

    We went to Scuba Club many times and only once we hired a private DM on the last day and it was great. We were first in the water and saw a large eagle ray right off the bat before the other groups got in the water and came chasing it with their cameras. Yes we paid extra for him and tipped...
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    Who's in for February?

    I'd be up to go again. Your Mom's birthday party was a blast. Still got the mask. My balloon hat was a bust. Can't believe that was almost a year ago. I have a car now and could give some people a ride. Betty
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