May 10, 1976 (Age: 45)
Belgium / Italy
European IT mgr Ricoh Imaging
Certification Agencies
Dive History
Doing alot of local diving: Estuaries, quaries, shore dives, boat dives, deco dives, wreckdiving on the North Sea. Other destinations: Bonaire, Thailand, Medas Isles Spain, Red Sea, deep wrecks of the French riviera, Croatia, Italy, Cozumel, Norway wrecks, Maledives, Philippines, Mexican caves, French caves, etc. Had the immense pleasure to be involved in some amazing underwater projects with GUE and also ghostfishing. From protected wrecks on the North Sea, to wreck documentation in Croatia and Italy.
Certification History
As a little toddler I was taken along on alot of shore-dives... I remember playing on the shore seeying the divers go in and come out of the water. Eating a fresh oyster... talking to divers. When I was 14 I got my first certificate (1990). However after 5 years I stopped because other interests which prevented me getting up early in the morning... (boose, girls, uni, in non specific order). In 2005 my brother in law asked me if I would like to join him. We both started diving again... and the bug bit hard this time. Have been diving for a while now... doing 100+ dives a year and loving it!
Certification Level
Rescue, lvl 1 instructor CMAS, GUE DPV1, Cave 2, Tech 2, CCR, IANTD Tech instructor, JJCCR diver
# of dives
1000 - 2499
Dive Classification
Instructor / Assistant Instructor / Dive Master / Dive Con
Years Certified
Ten Or More Years
Dive Equipment
It makes me breath underwater... yoohoo... one piece of advice to the novice diver... whatever you do... take springstraps :-)

A load of equipment from a bunch of manufacturers... I could open a shop. (Scubapro, Apeks, Mistral, Halcyon, Atomic, Oceanic, Agir, Salvo, Heser, Shearwater, Santi, DUI, Fourth Element, Aquanautic, Agir, Faber, BTS, etc, etc, etc)
Rebreather Type
Diving Rebreathers Since


Keeping my posts less than my dives

You see that in all endeavors ... it's human nature, on the day after losing his virginity, for a guy to strut around acting like he invented sex.
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