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    RIP Dr. Bill

    What a fighter. RIP Bill. Such a unique, kind person. Brilliant mind and a great sense of humor. I was fortunate to dive with Bill on a Red Sea trip. Will not forget this man. My deepest condolences to his family and friends. This is very sad news. Dr. Bill at the pyramids of Giza.
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    Fiji Planning

    I believe on Kadavu the resort with the closest access to the Great Astrolabe reef is Matava Eco Resort As far as SavuSavu goes, I have been getting notifications that the Cousteau resort there opened December 1st.
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    Question about Coral Coast Fiji trip

    Your best bet might be to get in touch with one of the shark dive operators out of Pacific Harbour. My stay at the Shangri-La was in 1999 so I don't know how applicable it would be now. It was one of my first big dive trips and I was impressed with the Shangi-La's dive operation. The staff...
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    Fiji Diving - January

    If you want to make the most of your time and are there for the diving you don't want to spend it traveling. My recommendation would be to pick a dive resort off the big island and stay there. It's all spectacularly beautiful except for parts of Suva, the capital city on the east coast of Viti...
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    Looking for info on house reefs diving, hotels, food and best areas

    Roots Camp Red Sea has a house reef that was decent. It is located outside of El Quseir which is between Hurghada and Marsa Alam. About 132 km from Hurghada and about 87 km from Marsa Alam. It is a camp with various types of accommodations from eco huts to deluxe. There is a great pool and...
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    Back pain while diving

    My back is miserable on land but I am fortunate it rarely bothers me in the water. As ColoDale said keeping your body in one position for any length of time can cause issues. Some moves to stretch can be subtle and can make a difference. Years of back exercises and back stretching have helped...
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    Stealth Travel Bag

    Possibly look at military bags like deployment bags or load out bags. Seldom marked. Usually very durable.
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    Paypal hates me now

    Dial *67 before the number when you call. Hide your number. Don't dial the 1. I use Paypal Credit. Used to be Paypal Bill Me Later. It's a different bank than regular Paypal. I pretty much stopped using the regular Paypal account when it was hacked and I was told it would take up to 60 days...
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    Full face masks for COVID-19 therapy

    This has made US news. Hopefully it will get into the right hands. Italian hospital says it's turning scuba masks into ventilators as supplies run low
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    Trail Cam?

    Maybe try Cabela's site. If you find one you like, please come back and update. I've been looking too. Was thinking about this one: Wildgame Innovations Wraith 16 Trail Camera with Viewer Combo : Cabela's No personal experience with this brand though.
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    Is Oceanmaster Still Around? I found this weird website...

    Thanks Pete. I believe I found the two piece plastic one on ebay that will get to me in about 10 days. It was cheap so if I can't get it on......well. The 26mm could be sent from China and arrive sometime in October. In the meantime I did a checkout dive with this one from Amazon...
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    Is Oceanmaster Still Around? I found this weird website...

    Timely. I came across this old snorkel marked OceanMaster and missing a clip. Can you recommend the best alternative clip you found that I could obtain quickly? I'd like to have it as a spare for an upcoming trip. Thanks for the info.
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    Booties for women

    The Fourth Element Amphibians were a recommendation from my LDS. They are the best booties I have ever owned. Have only used them for tropical diving and the fit is good for "narrower" women's feet. Boots - Fourth Element
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    Diving Into The Unknown (2016) / "Takaisin Pintaan"

    Thanks for the link Pinecube. Answered many questions after watching the documentary.
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    Diving Into The Unknown (2016) / "Takaisin Pintaan"

    This is now on Netflix. Diving Into the Unknown | Netflix Discovered this a few days after I purchased it as a download on Amazon (US) but it was well worth the $9.99. ($2.99 to rent). It is quite a story. The documentary is well done but I had quite a few technical questions that weren't...
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