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    Back pain while diving

    I switched to sidemount for this reason- coming out of the water in backmount, even when I switched to a backplate, I could always feel it for days afterwards. Once I switched to sidemount I was able to last all the way through a 6 day Cave diving holiday with no back pain at all...
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    Computers that DON’T revert to air setting

    Aqualung i300c doesn't change back unless you tell it to :)
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    Careless instructor or overthinking newbie

    Yeah wow I would absolutely demand a full refund. AOW is supposed to be a fun series of dives that introduce you to 5 different 'disciplines' of diving in a fun way - it should be easy enough for a new OW student to complete comfortably, and you absolutely should have had the refresher dive, as...
  4. Azraelien still legit?

    Yeah I bought stuff off them like 2 years ago (Tecline sidemount BCD, spring straps and a few other things) - v long delivery/wait times (like up to a month or more) but otherwise no problems, great prices and relatively good communication, although you have to poke them occasionally - but it...
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    How do you hover?

    The practice thing can be tough if you're in a 'non dive location' - I live in Central Europe, so no sea and very few diving locations (closest is 2h) - but in order to build this ability you're looking at like... 50+ 'working on skills' dives. As an example of how much practice is good, despite...
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    Spinal Cord Lipoma + Deep diving

    Thanks once again for the advice - makes perfect sense. Yeah I'm not trained yet, but the training route I'm looking at will be normoxic trimix with 100% or 80% o2 for accelerated deco, so I can adjust planning to increase stop time for sure. What with being a one man experiment, do you think...
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    Is COVID-19 Especially Bad News for Divers?

    My Cave instructor sprayed himself with concentrated coronavirus sample during a lab accident - had it for a month and absolutely ****** himself but is back diving already.
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    Things you are (almost but not really) ashamed of doing while diving

    Yeah it depends on energy usage quite a lot as well - at the beginning I was moving a lot more in the water, and using lots of gas adjusting drysuit/wing trying to get into the right positions - now if I go for a long lake dive it's like a form of intense meditation. Barely any body movement, 1...
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    Things you are (almost but not really) ashamed of doing while diving

    Pretty much exactly - In our local training lake (15m max) I think I can get something like a 2.5 hour dive out of my sidemount rig, or closer to 2h in slightly deeper water - so I normally do a loooong morning dive, refill, looong afternoon dive rather than chasing numbers. infinitely more fun...
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    Next step / possible training to pursue

    Haha - well depending how you look at it. Certainly not your average OW instructor! He was my fiancee's open water instructor (She met him when I was taking training and was like OMG I have never wanted to dive before, but want to learn from this dude), and all through the summer teaches...
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    Next step / possible training to pursue

    My experience of Tech instruction was ******* awesome - probably one of the most rewarding courses I've taken, and not necessarily a 'now you must continue to tech' type deal - in fact, half the class just took the courses so they would feel more safe diving redundant on rec dives. As a quick...
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    Things you are (almost but not really) ashamed of doing while diving

    I remember some years ago going on holiday to Croatia - I absolutely loved the fact that the boat I was on were happy to take OW divers on pretty deep dives (30-40m) because 'You guys have done checkout dives and you all dive really well, so we can take you to see these amazing corals that only...
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    Spinal Cord Lipoma + Deep diving

    Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to these! Aha I see - no not currently under any care for it. Physical activity-wise... So I am very active - I used to do cross country running, and have have run 3 marathons, I sail tornado catamarans and I swim around 12km a week, compete...
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    Spinal Cord Lipoma + Deep diving

    Hmmmm not sure - to be honest the surgery was 29 years ago, and I'm not sure if the surgeon is even alive any more. What do you mean by 'activity level'?
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    Spinal Cord Lipoma + Deep diving

    So I have been diving for around 15 years, but only in the last few years have been starting to do some slightly deeper (30m+) dives, as well as moving into tec diving (Intro to cave so far, but looking at normoxic trimix next for some deeper wrecks) - the issue is that I have a congenital...
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