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    Business Trip to Sydney - Need Suggestions

    Urgently looking for non-commercial scuba diving clubs around Sydney. Hard core weekend diving & socialising...Any assistence appreicated. Ally
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    Using your octo as your primary

    Totally agree with Flots.
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    Paid for dive lessons, but shop closed up. What do I do?

    Man I feel for you folks...Maybe a blessing in disguise as if someone closes their shop, their insurance etc., would not be valid. Don't lose hope, scuba diving is a fantastic activity. All the best.
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    RIP Agnes Milowka

    I was shocked & saddened to hear of her passing. God Bless her family at this time.
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    Headache After Diving?

    Hey I had the same experience about two years ago...Well it turned out to originate from my jaw, thank goodness a tooth problem nothing serious. Please seek proper medical advise.
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    Lost diver in roatan-the true story

    Thank you for sharing this with us. God Bless you & your family.
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    Diving without license/certification card

    Hey, Climax101, you are really taking a big risk & your mate is too. Get proper certification - you would be amazed at the wonderful opportunities that open up after proper certification. Any interested person can dive but do it properly & safely. Its scenarios like this that give scuba...
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    Another Matangi (Fiji) report, with pictures

    Yes Bale is still at Matangi. As for his hair, we think he is going for that "anemone on legs look"...LOL
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    Fiji Trip Report - Matangi Island

    Congratulations on your certification! Matangi Private Island Resort is located on a 240 acre privately owned island. This adults only Resort caters to a maximum of 12 couples. The only Fijian island to make ISLANDS Magazine’s “Best Private Islands List” & listed in the...
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    Fiji Trip Report - Matangi Island

    Unfortunately our end of Fiji does not offer wreck diving; however the northern region of Fiji’s archipelagic waters is heralded as the “soft coral capital of the world”. Matangi Private Island Resort, the most centrally located of all the northern resorts is within a 20-mile...
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    Fiji Trip Report - Matangi Island

    Matangi Private Island Resort has been in operation for over 20 years and we have always offered night diving; sites are chosen according to daily tidal movement, current weather conditions & diver ability. We recommend interested scuba divers bring their flashlights etc. @ edpdiver - our...
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    New Dive Buddy Problem

    Thanks for sharing this, it can happen to any-one of us. Happy to know that everyone made it out alright and learned a great lesson.
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    New Zealand: Diver accused of wasting police time reappears in court

    The boy who cried wolf...Unfortunately his actions means that other divers will not be taken seriously. They should take away his C-Card!
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    Repair manual for Sherwood Brut

    Have Sherwood Brut SRB51000 need help in servicing as far from dive shop & service centres
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    Glass Fish... Jewelry.. PERFECT FOR DIVERS!

    Bula Melissa, wow thats great stuff, may want to show at our gift shop, is the address your website?
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