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    Terrified.....airport closures due to volcano

    Check out Bilikiki in Solomons, might be all booked out but an excellent operation.
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    Overnight in Sorong or chance AM arrival?

    I don't know the route you are planning but with the volcanic activity at present if you are going via Bali I would echo the advice to add an extra day into your schedule. If a transit airport is closed most airlines will try to re-route you and an extra day could be very helpful. Re Sorong I...
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    Raja Ampat: which wetsuit in November?

    Thanks for current temp info. I've dived 10 day trips with 4 dives a day in just a skin when temps have been between 28 and 29C so think I'll do the same again for my December RA trip; vest and hood are the comfort blankets for night dives.
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    Raj Ampat water temps in December

    I am beginning to think I might need a wet suit after all! Thanks for posting.
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    Raj Ampat water temps in December

    I am booked on Mermaid 1 in December, I can't wait, but I am a little uncertain on the exposure protection to take. I have dived very happily in a skin in the Solomons and PNG in about 28C or 29C and not bothering with a wet suit really appeals. If you have a record of the temps you...
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    general travel advice sought

    I'd agree, with the above, you could park up some where nice near Bay of Islands where your wife can enjoy sun and water and you dive the Rainbow Warrior and/or the Poor Knights Islands.
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    North Sulawesi Trip Report

    Thanks for the report, Indonesia is on my horizon and the more I see about different locations the better informed I will be.
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    Solomon Islands

    The diving is fantastic and the war remnants are there in abundance. Bilikiki isn't a luxury boat but everything works, the crew is very good and I loved the fact that locals would bring canoes out with fresh veggies for the boat to buy to replenish supplies. It is an experience of a different...
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    Someone post a good PNG trip report.....preferably from the MV Febrina....any takers?

    Internal flights in the Sollies are a bit hit and miss too. The airline has very few planes and once one has a problem there is a quick knock on effect. As others have said the trick is not to arrange your connections too tightly. If you can plan to arrive a day early. The other similarity...
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    Bilikiki, Gizo, Munda trip report- Aug 11

    Great report Kevster with some excellent photos, I have enjoyed the Bilikiki trip on a couple of occassions and while it is a shame the weather didn't play ball sound like you had a good trip. Next time it is worth going to Uepi. Alison
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    Member introductions

    Years tec diving: < 1 (as of 2/3/2011) No of deco dives: 5 Tec instructor? No Trimix? No Rebreathers? No Caves? No Other comments: Got into tech this year as a way to extend bottom time and so visit some of the Iron Bottom Sound wrecks in the Solomon Islands where i am currenty resident...
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    Very simple survey online...

    Done, and my fist post on the tech forum! Should introduce myself on that other thread I guess. Alison
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    May 12 Bohol pics

    A fantatic array of critters, nice touch posting the original image as well as the post production one, thanks
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    Need help finding kapiti island dive op

    Hi Andy's advice is correct. Getting the best out of Kapiti requires a southerly so that you can dive the marine reserve at the North end (which in a southerly is sheltered by the island). Dive Kapiti are the most likely to be running trips and if a Wellington based outfit is doing so they...
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    The Maldives (from a Wide Angle Junkie)

    Stunning shots and the first whale shark picture completely undermines the view that you shouldn't shoot from above. Thanks for posting them.
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