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    DIR- Generic Cold water dive gear recommendation

    NTNU has a good diving club with good facilities: Dykkergruppa Having a car is a good thing for diving in Norway, especially if you aim for four dives a week. However, the student diving clubs often collaborates with some kind of car-sharing to go diving.
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    DIR- Generic Cold water dive gear recommendation

    Don't get me wrong, a lot of people use 40lbs wings for D12's. If you find that it doesn't keep your rig floating, it's quite easy to put a few kg's on a weightbelt. The Gue-people I know in Trondheim are nice people, likely no problem joining them for dives.
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    Apeks XTX adjustment screw plug: is it important?

    It's lost on one or two of mine also, no problem..
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    DIR- Generic Cold water dive gear recommendation

    Hi, Depending on how much weight you need, a Halcyon40 could be enough. If you keep all your weights on your rig, as many here do, a 40lbs wing might not keep the rig floating if you have to remove the rig to climb aboard a boat. As mentioned earlier the Halcyon60 is big, so a much used wing...
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    Norwegian TV Drama - North Sea Oil Rigs in the 60's

    Season 2 will start in Norway January 2nd, don't know when it will be availible abroad. Season 2 will cover years 1977-1980.
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    Shearwater Petrel BO rebreather mode!! V84 Update

    I rechecked the answer from SW, it would appear this function is only availible on analog models. See answer below: Thanks for getting in touch. The BO CCR option is a hybrid of internal and external setpoint for analog external ppo2 (EXT) models only (Petrel 2 EXT & NERD 2 EXT). This feature...
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    Shearwater Petrel BO rebreather mode!! V84 Update

    What unit(s) do you dive?
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    Shearwater Petrel BO rebreather mode!! V84 Update

    I was also interested in this feature, but after checking with SW it seams this is only availible on Fischer-conn handsets. It's not availible on controllers or on my Meg15.
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    Feature Request: Minimum dive time

    The max "end dive delay" is 600 seconds, at least on my Petrels.
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    Question E/O Cord socket, does this exist?

    If you manage to find a source for the plug, please post here where you got it from. I have been searching for this plug to have a power takeout on my dpv for heating. For your purpose I would think having normal 12v outlet's on your boat and just putting a cigarette-plug on a standard e/o-cord...
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    Silent Submersion, kaput?

    These were their children.. Hard to keep up the business after someting like that.
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    Question Adding weight to unit

    I use a long and heavy backplate, this was also much better for my back. + a P-weight.
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    Does anyone recognize these fittings

    Looks like the bayonet nuts for Golemgear Bov/Dsv.
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    Gralmarine 3XML 2 or alternative

    If you already have the batterypack from Gralmarine, only Gralmarine lightheads will fit the connectors on the batterypack.
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    What computer can replace an Uwatec bottomtimer in exixting console?

    Backup in the Day I used this computers predecessor in the console of a Uwatec bottomtimer. Kjøp Scubapro Aladin Sport (Matrix) fra FUE I believe the size is still the same.
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