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    Bainbridge Island WA

    Post on our local forum from one of the divers who found the body Northwest Dive Club ? View topic - Missing diver off Blakely Rocks
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    Diving for crab in the puget sound

    Lynne, I second the suggestion that you should try red rock crab! They taste just as good as dungeness (in my opinion). Although maybe I only felt that way because I am not one to be picky about fresh crab. I do also enjoy taking the red rock crab because they seem to pinch much harder than the...
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    Cave diving documentary??? Help me out!

    Awesome post! Thanks for the upload; I just watched it. That was insanely cool!!!
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    Thought i had a handle on this, until....

    Relax. Drysuit diving takes getting used to. What you described is something that every drysuit diver went through at one point (assuming they switched from a wetsuit).
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    Diving Concepts bankrupt?

    I've been hearing rumors (Diving Concepts Files for Bankruptcy | ScubaGadget - Scuba News Service) that Diving Concepts has filed for bankruptcy, and there is a whole topic on my local dive forum full of people claiming they cannot get in touch with the company. Does anybody know if this is...
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    Procedure for vomiting

    Best way to vomit is to signal OOA and use your buddy's reg. This works best if their gear is set up to donate the primary ;)
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    The Pit is the pits

    Sounds about right to me! =P
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    The Pit is the pits

    For what it's worth, I have also been keenly following the trip reports you guys have made in regards to the cave/sump exploration on VI. I sincerely hope to one day get out there and do some underwater cave exploration. The logistics and the amount of work it takes are part of the appeal for...
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    The Pit is the pits

    While I have never been to the cenotes in Mexico (about to change in 4 days though!), I can easily visualize what the OP is talking about, and despite not being a cave diver yet, I already hate that type of "modernizing" behavior. It's crap like this that really makes me feel a time crunch when...
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    Cave Geology of North Florida

    If only I lived in Florida.... That sounds very cool!
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    buddy out there in Seattle around 18/19th June?'ve gotta be kidding me. I don't know, I feel like if people can get their panties in a knot over the words "Borg Queen", then they can probably also find a cupcake upsetting. And those people are probably too emotionally unstable to be diving anyways
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    Any vis reports?

    Diving Alki tonight. I will post back with findings ---------- Post added March 13th, 2013 at 10:01 PM ---------- Fricken' great vis tonight! At least 25 ft of clarity.
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    Yet again another post begging OW divers to stay out of the caves!

    This argument is invalid, since cave divers have, in fact, been trained to reef dive. OW divers have not been trained to cave dive. That is literally all there is to it. And to give you a bit of perspective, I am not even a cave diver (yet). This is just common sense, although unfortunately some...
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    Outliving your buddies

    That was a big "If" on my part. Although ever since I started diving, my plan has been to move to FL one day for the caves. As my list of dive destinations grows to unfathomable lengths, it has become clear to me that I will never be making enough money to afford the constant vacations required...
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    Puget Sound Fatality

    So someone died and we are debating the usage of words like "mudhole"?...... I am not sure this is the appropriate time for a hijack.
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