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    Night Lights Out From Kona

    Thanks for the response. That's sounds like what we are looking at.
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    Night Lights Out From Kona

    We are staying in a beach house about a mile south of Kona. At night we can see several distant lights always in the same location that do not seam to move. I was awake very early in the morning and they were still there. They appear to be about a mile out from the shore. Can anyone tell me...
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    3TN or the tropics?

    Ron, Great Pictures again. I also enjoy the fun pictures of you kids. Scott
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    Cinco De Mayo

    Spent the night with Mrs 2dive4fun and had Margaritas. Also celebrated my birthday.
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    PVC Diameter for Tank Rack

    Here is the picture.
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    PVC Diameter for Tank Rack

    I know this post is old, but wanted to add a picture of my rack. I have more pipe if somepne is interested.
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    Canon G10 & DC28 Housing settings

    I have reviewed many post on this subject but I'm looking for specific settings to program into my custom options. Given two custom options, (C1, C2), what would you think the best program settings should be for macro and close pictures in low light conditions. I just got my camera and...
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    FS: Canon WP-DC900 for A80

    Bob, Just about to PM you and buy this housing. Lost my A620 at redondo tonight. Came off my wrist at the bottle field. Scuba Scott
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    Towable Dive Sled

    I was asked to post some pictures of the dive sled. This is all I have. The designer lived in CA. I do not have his contact info anymore.
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    Crab anyone?

    Have to say the crab in my area keep me from ever wanting to live anywhere else. I just wish the season was all year long.
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    Fusion questions

    I thought I would add to this thread even though it is getting old. I have used seal savor for many years with good results. I will also use it the day of my dive instead of talc powder. I find the Seal Savor works better for me in keeping neck rash away and helps me slip into my seals with...
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    Whites Fusion Drysuit - are they tough?

    I just ordered a Fusion today. I want to know if it is wise option to order the Tech skin instead of the Lycra. What is the cost difference and is it worth the extra cost. Or, Should I just dive the suit with Lycra until the time comes to replace it?
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    Big Island Must Do's

    Thank you for the good advice. We are staying near Waikoloa Village. Will take friends down to two step for the day. I like to go to Hapuna Beach. Was interested in trying some of the remote beaches north of the airport. Around mile post 89 - 95. Kiholo Bay, Ke-awa-iki Beach.
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    MacGyver Stories

    I have always been nicknamed McGiver due to the creative things I have come up with to get myself and friends out of a trouble spot. This weekend I was able to put my quick thoughts and DIY intellectual wits to good use. On the way out to a dive location in my 19 foot boat, I noticed the...
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    Petite Diver cannot find full 7mm suit

    I have some Body Glove dry suits for sale. Some new and some with only 10 dives or less. Purchased them for my kids and they soon grew out of them. Search my posting on items for sale.