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    For Sale Kidde 6.0 (4 Stage) Compressor

    It's a 50 year old pump. They're said to be reliable and it will work great, probably for a long time, until it doesn't, and then there's no longer any meaningful availability of parts and service. So if you get a leak in an intercooler you're pretty much done unless you can find a runout...
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    Some Thoughts on Independent Doubles

    See now I'm not sure that SM is the best answer for that. It's your answer, sure. Dive the way you want. Most divers can don and doff any kit in the water. Don't want 100 pounds of tanks on your back? Throw them into the water first (on a line), jump in, put them on. Take them off and tie...
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    Covid surging in Bonaire

    I'm OK with staying home, which is what I'm doing.
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    Covid surging in Bonaire

    The problem isn't the test. The problem is that if the test result is positive, whether due to a false positive or actual disease, it becomes necessary to quarantine in Coz which is expensive and disruptive for people with a day job, limited budget, etc.
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    My journey away from lithium-ion lights

    I have had good results with Tenergy Centura C cells. In practice they work fine. Checking them in the lab there is quite a bit more variation in capacity and charging time from one cell to the next than is the case with Eneloop AAs. So far this hasn't been significant in terms of real world...
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    My journey away from lithium-ion lights

    Some photos of the DGX600, Princeton Impact XL, and Princeton Torrent. Weights include batteries.
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    My journey away from lithium-ion lights

    When I started diving a few years ago I purchased a number of lithium-ion dive lights from Dive Gear Express. They were a mixture of the DGX600 and DGX800 lights. Nearly identical lights are sold under various other brands. They're bright with Dive Gear Express claiming 600 and 800...
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    Some Thoughts on Independent Doubles

    Interesting thread. A question to consider is what advantages/disadvantages your BM ID configuration of choice provides over an equivalent amount of air split between a BM single and a suitably sized slung pony.
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    Always wear a wetsuit?

    Noting that the OP is from the Minneapolis area, I will observe that in Minnesota I wear a wetsuit when there is any chance of encountering swimmer's itch, and when it's cold. There are very few places in Minnesota where the viz is greater than 12", it's warm, and there's no swimmer's itch. I...
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    Sailboat gets in the way of Great Lakes freighter

    I gather that none of you have operated a sailboat that size and have not studied the navigation rules governing how sailboats and large vessels are to steer when a risk of collision exists. While the term "right of way" is no longer used, sailboats do have a broad obligation to hold their...
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    Sailboat gets in the way of Great Lakes freighter

    Chart 14852 - the bridge is located at the mouth of the river and is most visible on the upper left inset in the chart. 1) That was a gybe, not a tack. A tack is a turn into the wind. The gybe is a turn off the wind and the way he did it was an emergency maneuver of last resort. 2) The...
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    New Diver & trying to Buddy Up...

    I would characterize it as nearly impossible for new divers to find regular buddies who share their interests, schedule, means, etc. It is one of several reasons I took up solo diving. It is my observation that most people new to diving who have regular dive buddies, are diving with someone...
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    My initial thoughts on my new compressor

    Thank you for the report and updates. Please post up as you learn more.
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    Trip Report Scuba Gear Suddenly Not allowed as carry on from Cozumel

    I've never tried to take a cylinder or weights as a carry on. USA TSA doesn't like things that can be used as hammers or bludgeons and I would assume there is a chance tanks and weights could be refused on those grounds. Most USA airlines charge a higher baggage rate for sporting equipment --...
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