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    Gas planning and the associated math - controversies over need and how to teach

    Most divers don't pursue MD or deco certs. Gas planning needs to be introduced as soon as possible and it need not be confusing if presented properly. 1/2 out, 1/2 back isn't a plan, it's a recipe for disaster. While the concept of gas planning in relation to dive planning is a new concept...
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    Hover problems

    Not too likely, but I suppose it's possible. Absolutely.
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    Hover problems

    I'm referring to a BC which has the bladder in the back. A wing would be an example of back inflate, but many jackets are also back inflate, the Black Diamond, for example. Three things can affect your trim, AFAIK... Ballast, buoyancy and energy. It sounds like your ballast is balanced, so I'm...
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    Hover problems

    Were you diving a back inflate BC?
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    Encourage me as I learn to dive

    Just to be sure I understand, pool session one was conducted in a hot tub? As to the snorkel/inflator issue, the inflator hose should be retained by a velcro strap, which is typically a bit above nipple level. Your snorkel shouldn't be riding that low, so if you develop muscle memory to start...
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    How would you teach a 10yr old to use dive tables?

    ehm.... no... This eDRP you write of, does not exist in my world.
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    How would you teach a 10yr old to use dive tables?

    There's a lot of different methods you could use. The most effective will depend on your kid. The first thing I teach kids is that they already use tables. Anyone who can follow a multiplication table can work the tables, which is the good news. The bad news is that a simple error can result in...
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    Who here has done a real life CESA and what was your experience?

    1. Why did it happen? I wanted more time with a Pacific Electric Ray 2. What depth? 115' 3. What was your reaction? I don't recall any reaction, it was a conscious choice. 4. What was your ascent rate? 50-60fpm 5. Did you have to go to the chamber? no 6. General...
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    So who on the board has made a dif to you?

    Jeffg is the first that comes to mind. Guess you could say he helped me to help myself and that's a gift that keeps giving.
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    Over the head donning of BC

    With the exception of the long hose, my gear is no more complicated than it was in 1978. Tank, first stage, second stage, secondary second stage, pressure gauge, BP/W. Nothing more, nothing less. What complications are you referring to?
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    Mask on Forehead reliable distress signal?

    Get some clothes on. Now I'm in distress.
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    Where did you dive today?

    A little late to report, but did the Black Water Night Dive on the Big Island last Wednesday. Bottom was somewhere deeper than 7000' and my max depth was a bit over 50'. We splashed at about 22:30 and spent :50 seeing things I never knew existed.
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    Happy Birthday MissDirected!

    I don't typically do birthday threads, but you know I have to make an exception for you. Happy birthday to my favorite SB brat!
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