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    Key West fatality - Florida

    Life isn't safe.
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    What’s the toughest fish to catch in your area?

    All of 'em are hard to catch. They swim too fast!!
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    Reliable Dry Box?

    Never get those calls either!
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    What do you typically do during scuba diving?

    :D :D :D Dive because we need to see what's for dinner before taking it home Dive for flying sensation but reg bubbles ruin the quiet During dive, it's mostly flailing about trying to coordinate all the junk taken into the water. Simple is better? Story: Buddies like to free dive. My role is...
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    The New Dive Rite Optima CM - My 30 Hour Review

    @Superlyte27 - would you be able to comment on the issues you found when using a scooter with the "Choptima"? LOL-that nickname is almost enough justification to buy one!
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    New DPV - Dive Xtras

    What is your regimen for keeping the o-rings clean and in tip-top condition?
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    Hurricane warning for tomorrow night!

    Hopefully the storm runs N of the island.
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    Galling. (Preventative Measures.)

    Spin all threaded clamps/connectors open and closed using hand tools. Using a drill or other faster method can lead to galling.
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    Nitrox/Trimix & CO analyzer

    Given the rechargeable tech we have today, is "never" possible?
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    Underwater Forest in the Gulf

    Stop watching/viewing CNN.
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    BCD on Alixpress - the Chinese answer to Halcyon

    Just some down to earth, chiknees factory buddies sharing design files and production information to come up with a "novel idea"... :trainwreck:
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    Travel destination for beginner

    Just curious, how are you considering 55 dives with AOW certification "inexperienced"? What criteria are you using?
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    Neoprene vs lavacore

    Yes, it gets 100% wet but doesn't get noticeably heavy. IIRC, wool insulates when wet. It does dry surprisingly fast once topside.
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    Neoprene vs lavacore

    We were out last Friday in 60F saltwater and I had on a very light merino wool t-shirt, the hooded Lavacore vest and a normal 3mm wetsuit. It was a bit chilly the first few minutes but once I got moving I was not cold or frozen. One of the other divers wearing just a 3mm suit was chilled after...
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